Sana makalimutan na kita para hindi na ako nahihirapan :(

Bakit nga ba?

Bakit mas hinahanap natin ang mas nakakasakit sa atin? Like if ur afraid of rats mas hahanapin mo sila tapos kapag nakita mo sisigaw at matatakot ka naman. Hmmmm… Ang weird lang isipin kasi.

In my opinion, I look out sa mga nakakatakot/nakakasakit sakin for me to be ready.

Parang sa pag-ibig, you will wait and wait and wait for the one you love pero alam mo nanaman ang madadatnan mo — kung hindi iyak, sakit o kaya naman disappointments.

Pero weird lang talaga. Haha!


I don’t know what’s wrong… What’s missing… And whats keeping me like this :’(

I am sad… :(


Ang sabi mo sakin dati hindi mo ako kayang tiisin. Na you are breaking rules na because of me. You even set a time for you to talk to me even though you are so busy….

And now, what happened?

Now, here’s another testimony that people really do change! And promises by people often than not breaks! Talagang only God’s promise remains…

Crap! I still have a hangover….b

I want to go on a vacation… o_O

Here we go again… I hope this is the last time…
Lord heal my heart :’(

Now I dont have to wait. I dont have to stay. I dont have to hold on to his promise… because its over!

Somebody to anybody

I dont want to be somebody that anybody wants me to be. Unless its the will of God.

Prayer for guidance

Good Lord, please guide me and give me wisdom to know you better. To know your words by mind and by heart. Am I just distracted with all the things that is happening and experiencing right now? Father God, shower me with your grace that I may live by your words. I know that you are Lord of Lords. Strengthen my faith oh Lord. Please guide me as I walk thru the path that you have for me. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN!

What will you do?

What will you do if you only have 5 minutes left to live?

Lonely is the night when i am not with you

Dont keep your love ones on hold

Sana sumama nalang ako kela ate sa bday celeb ni maricor sa vanity. Para labas labas at makapagenjoy naman ako. Just now someone invited me na sumunod sa timog. Haaai, nakakadepress minsan. Ang dami kong naiisip! :/


Oh God, please guide my heart for you know my weakness. Let your will be done, loving God.